Aquatic Vortex Upstages Oscars – Oscar Mania Day 1

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

It’s only three days until the Academy Awards but here in Hollywood another event is stealing all the buzz. The “largest rain event” in three years is expected to hit Los Angeles throughout Oscar weekend. Amidst the worst drought ever recorded, L.A. is almost as desperate for rain as Leonardo DiCaprio is for an Oscar… and both droughts could end this weekend!

Los Angeles has a little bit of a reputation for overreacting to inclement weather (as Jimmy Kimmel hilariously illustrates) but this storm actually seems pretty serious. The expected 3 inches of precipitation would come just short of matching the 3.6 inches of rain Los Angeles received for ALL of last year.

Oscars Rained Out?

SO what does all of this mean for the Oscars on Sunday? Probably nothing. The advanced warning of the storm has given Oscar organizers plenty of time to rainproof the red carpet area well in advance of showtime. While this is great news for redcarpetophiles, I’m personally disappointed that we won’t be seeing a mad 50m dash with shrieking actresses desperately trying to keep their dresses unscathed and not end up flat on their faces. For people who like betting on the oscars this would make for a fantastic prop bet: Which best actress nominated will have the fastest “limo to inside” time? My money is on the uber-fit Sandra Bullock but don’t count out the wily veteran Meryl Streep who will be on the carpet as an Oscar nominee for a record 18th time. It could have also been a rare showcase for designer umbrellas which unfairly never get their time in the sun (sorry).


Since rain has been so uncommon these past few years in L.A. the upcoming storm is causing quite the buzz on social media. One radio host hilariously coined it an #aquaticvortex and the hashtag took off.



It’s a little hard to focus on the Oscars when the storm of the century is coming. We’re going to do our best though and keep coming back to myetvmedia for the latest Oscar buzz leading up to the big show. As for now, we are bracing for the worst…

Marshall Jeske


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