Moira Romano

Editor in Chief / President ETV Ltd.

Editorials, Reviews, Director, Producer

Founder of ETV and editor of, Moira Romano has written, directed and produced documentary and commercial films. Fate of the River, 1992 premiered at the Toronto World Trade Centre, Under One Flag, 1994 premiered at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Recent short commercial films include an historical view of Old Town Toronto, A Flavour of Toronto, and various creative marketing shorts. A graduate of Queen’s University and the University of New Hampshire, Moira became inspired by technological advances in media and began creating multimedia programming as a teaching tool. She attended the Professional Film Program at UCLA where she first met Laurie Hutzler whose Emotional Toolbox approach to interpretation of film and story was formative. She also attended programs at the Philadelphia School for the Arts and Raindance Canada. Moira’s goal for is to create a passionate online forum that encourages fresh and provocative dialogue in film and gaming.


Lauren Schell

Media & Event Coordinator & Sales

Correspondent, Reviews, Social Media

Lauren has a passion for storytelling,an imagination for fantastical moments and an obsession with beats that make you bounce. She pursued a formal education at Trent University and George Brown College studying Theatre, Film, Creative Writing, Marketing and Media. She has also pursued her interests in Events Coordination. A lover of Improv Comedy, The Horror and Fantasy genres and quick, quippy movie dialogue, her personal favourites include *Happy Accidents*, *Amélie**, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 2, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones and Trueblood.* Oh, and anything Josh Whedon touches. Lauren’s creativity and energy will be focused on social media, on air hosting, film reviews, fashion and music.


Max Romano

Director electronic gaming

Correspondent, Video Games, Film and TV Reviews, Liaison for Electronic Gaming

Max brings his expertise in video gaming and film to myetvmedia. An avid gamer and film enthusiast, Max is dedicated to everything surrounding the medium of video gaming from playing the video games, to discussion and review of their genesis and artistic merits. He spends a lot of time reading and researching video gaming, the fantasy genre, medieval literature and the history of war and weaponry. Max is involved with the development and launch of a new mega gaming event, EG Toronto. His passions include film, comic books and obscure science fiction references. Personal favorites include Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner'; the inventors of Bioware; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore; Game of Thrones, George R.R, Martin; Shadow of the Colossus, Team ICO.


Christophe Chanel

Director sales & communication

Correspondent, Liaison for Electronic Gaming

Christophe joins the myetvmedia team to head up sales, marketing and special events. He brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the business world as a team builder and leader. Christophe is a die-hard comic book collector since childhood, collecting both classics (Moebius sci fi, “L’Incal”; Jean Giraud westerns “Blueberry”) and modern French new wave (Swolfs “Legende”, Rodolphe “Kenya”) and many more: Jodorowsky, Leo, Van Hamme, Herman. He is a fervent gamer and movie buff, he also loves to explore the evolving world of technical animation. Christophe other passions include cooking, coaching junior soccer and playing tennis. Christophe’s goal is to launch myetvmedia’s new electronic gaming convention EGToronto and give it a permanent home here. “Play On”. … Join us in our exciting journey of discovery and evolution!


Marshall Jeske

Videographer & Editor

Editing, Videography, Graphic Design

Marshall brings to the MyETVMedia team a passion for video production and event coverage. He is studying Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University and is specializing in digital media. Marshall has a wide range of interests including electronic music, film, television, video games and sports. He hopes to contribute to the expansion of MyETVmedia by creating high quality creative material and sharing his knowledge of the digital world. He is enjoying learning from new experiences and from other MyETVmedia team members.


Isabella Romano

Creative Coordinator

Videography, Editing, Webmaster, Graphic Design

A great film takes you beyond your limits to a place exclusive to the individual; to a world you can become lost in. When all the components of film come together to produce that sensation of true "movie magic", your emotions belie your cognition and you experience something unique. It is a medium that commands the total surrender of the viewer, orchestrating a journey with every frame. Film holds the power to permit a moment between reality and fantasy, and it is this moment that defines its greatness.


Caroline Sues


Since July, 2008, Caroline has been acting as Controller to ETV Education Through Video Limited. Caroline brings with her more than 12 years’ experience from a certified accounting firm where she provided various bookkeeping services along with preparing financial statements and tax returns for numerous corporate and individual clientele.


Astrid Handling

Guest Contributor

Astrid Handling has attended film festivals all over the world; including le Festival de Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival since 2002. For the past three years Astrid has reviewed films at TIFF for various web publications. She has been a programmer for the Sunshine Coast Film Society since 2009, and now sits on their Board of Directors. She has a degree in Art History and Film Studies from York University. Highlights of her festival going experience include meeting Cate Blanchett, walking down the red carpet in Cannes and having a theatre seat named after her in the Bell Lightbox.

Annibale Romano

Director Music


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