The Witcher 2

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The sub weapons are equally as fun to use and may be crafted (knives and traps) or brewed (bombs) and flung at will, the traps are simply set in the path of an enemy and the projectiles can be quickly flung or slow motion aimed wherever you please. Battles in the Witcher can be very tough and outside of the easy game play setting the game is satisfyingly challenging. Geralt cannot consume potions (which he brews himself through an elegant and simple alchemy menu). During a battle he will have to find a safe spot and stop to meditate to do so, while meditating Geralt may pass time, brew potions and bombs or drink up to three potions which must be done with caution as each potion offers a different level of toxicity that Geralt will have to manage (indicated by a toxicity meter). Potions all offer different pros and cons and finding the perfect cocktail for a particularly difficult battle is one of the ways that the Witcher 2 adds subtle strategy.

Character progression is done extremely well, for the first couple of experience levels you will have to learn basic abilities like throwing a dagger. Once these early abilities have been learned the progression really opens up. Three trees allow you to build Geralt in whichever way you please. You may mix the swordsman, sorcerer and alchemist trees as much as you wish though the most powerful abilities lay at the end of each and those late abilities may be mutated with special potions that allow for a statistical boost. Outside of combat, looting and questing the Witcher 2 features a slew of game play change ups such as a few well executed stealth sequences and mini games that net you cash such as arm wrestling, brawling and dicing. The brawling incorporates a well-done element that is featured in the set piece boss battles; quick time events. The QTEs are simple and fun and may be scaled in difficulty based on preference. The one instance in which the game fails is through its tutorials, which simply are not friendly enough to show you the ropes effectively. If you can put up with that the game is nearly flawless. The Witcher 2 is a rare kind of game, it is both an approachable action adventure and a hard core RPG that strikes a balance that Dragon Age 2 failed to.

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