The Witcher 2

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The engine is truly spectacular and there are almost no loading screens throughout the game, everything is seamless and yes – you read that right. The game looks gorgeous even running on its lowest graphical settings, but if you’ve got the hardware (a beefy video card with a clock speed around 750mhz and at least 512 mb of ram) the game can look stellar! The graphics have been future proofed so in a couple of years when even standard cards can pump out the highest level of the game’s graphics you will really be in for a treat.

The Sound

Again, Wow. Voice acting is top-notch, surpassing the standard held by Bioware and entering the realm of premium television. The game’s dialogues and cinemas (all done in engine) are fantastic and are as entertaining as something you might see on HBO. While reviewing this game I had people stopping by my desk all day just to watch me play. Productivity dropped to zillch that week (jk myetvmedia employees don’t eat or sleep: we work). Every character is portrayed extremely well and their voices are all fitting. Geralt’s work comes through just as it should and no matter which way the player chooses to unravel the story, Geralt will always sound like himself (fans of the novels should be especially pleased).

Triss Merigold is another standout sounding just like a femme fatale should. Detail is everywhere in this game, effects are so real and crisp they add an entirely new level of audible immersion; I got goose bumps the first time I heard Geralt smoothly slide his sword into its scabbard. The music stands above every other sound track I have heard this year. It is a strong mix of classical guitar, epic orchestral, a range of percussion tracks and the odd metal solo for a true sense of badass justice. The music was so memorable I found myself listening to it outside of the game, a sign of true excellence.

The Game Play

The Witcher 2 is the strongest role playing effort I have played all year, it might be the best computer RPG comparable only to Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. The game combines an excellent hard-core combat system, looting typical of any great RPG and a dynamic story line that grows organically with the player’s choices and style. Geralt adventures through several acts book ended by an intro that serves as an extended tutorial and an epilogue that wraps up loose ends and prepares you for a lightning charged sequel. Within each act Geralt will call a town, city or village home and contend with both the greater plot line ahead and the local troubles bogging down the everyday people. Throughout each act you may choose to follow the main quest or partake in side quests that you won’t want to miss.

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