Toronto ComicCon What to See 2014

Posted 8 years ago by myetvmedia

This March 7th – 9th, COMIC CON (part of the extended fan expo- hobby star family) returns to Toronto Metro Convention Centre, with guests and events galore.

Between the guests, the fans, salespeople on the hustle, the cosplayers and afterparties, it’s a lot to take in. Charge your cameras, and prep your wallets for a pounding with what to see and do at this year’s Toronto COMICCON.

While FANEXPO (August) usually gets a lot of media attention, this Con has it’s share of surprises, including Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame and IronE Singleton of The Walking Dead. We also have a minor Lord of the Rings reunion with Sean Astin and Billy Boyd. Please bear in mind that guests are subject to change. Morena Baccharin has already been forced to pull out due to scheduling conflicts.

Considering that it is a ComicCon, comics are going to be a major draw too. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Neal Adams at Toronto’s Fan Expo last year, and guests here include David Finch, Marco Rudy, Ty Templeton and Chris Sprouse, among many many more. Watch a few sketch duels, get your portfolio reviewed, get a few autographs, commission a sketch, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I’ll be looking for Rudy’s signature on his trippy Marvel Knights: Spider-Man run.

There will also be an panarama of cosplayers displaying their talent all weekend. From the hobbyist who wants to show their fandom to the more professional  guys at the 501st and the Ontario Ghostbusters, expect to see a lot of heroes and villains running around for those three days. There are also a bunch of cosplay panels, including one hosted by Lee Scion. Be sure to check out our interviews with the lovely Vickybunnyangel, Gillykins and Doctor Holocaust.

And of course, you’re gonna want to fill some swagbags. From prop weapons to Japanese imports, from obscure Euro comics to the latest releases, the retailers once more rule the roost. Be sure to shop around for the best prices, and try to be patient, prices will drop throughout the weekend. I’ll be hunting for Kamen Rider figuarts for those three days. Fair warning, anyone coming between me and the figures is putting their life on the line.

While any Con is no doubt a destination for enthusiasts and fans the programming at this Con may fall somewhat short. No doubt Hobby Star has taken measures to bring television stars out to maximize exposure, Fan Expo ComiCon really is an opportunity to cash in on a lack of a Con this time of year in the city. While the Con is not bad per se it really cannot compete with the aforementioned Fan Expo or the dearly missed Wizard Con that it replaces. This event will be best enjoyed if you have a deep desire to interact with any of the stars or artists that are confirmed otherwise try and see it as a large retail event. It is sad that cons like Paradise or Wizard are no longer running but Fan Expo Comic Con does provide an opportunity to engage in our hobby we just wish it was a little bit deeper.

So, your bank account is weeping, your apartment heaving, shoes need to be resoled, it’s a perfect time to kick back on a throne made of comics and take a swig from your Game of Thrones replica flagon. Or you could head off for a night of debauchery, boozing, loud music and a string of bad decisions that end with you, alone, eating doughnuts and wondering where it all went wrong. Roll on the afterparties.

Although there will absolutely be unofficial after parties, the only one worth going to is the official party Saturday night, with Eliza Dushku, Brandon Routh, and more besides. Held at Tattoo, Queen Street West, tickets are limited so move fast.

With a somewhat tame programming lineup we will be gearing our content towards what everyone is always clamoring for: goodies. We plan on showing you just how far you can stretch 100$ at the con and maybe we will fit in a celebrity or two…you know if we have the time ;)

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our coverage of previous cons.

– Donal O’Connor




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