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John Carpenter wears many hats. He’s a director, producer, screenwriter, composer, video game creator and so much more. Synonymous with the sci- fi and horror genres, Carpenter has long left his legacy on the film world with the classic horror film, Halloween that introduced us to the faceless killer, Jason.

Growing up as a “monster” kid in the 50’s Carpenter was entrenched in the way of the science fiction movies, the youth culture of that time. Falling in love with monsters and science fiction paid off big, influencing cult classics like “The Fog”, and the legendary “Escape From New York”, whose post – apocalyptic themes are still being paid tribute to in modern times. Play Metal Gear Solid just once and try to tell me Solid Snake isn’t Kurt Russell.

Check John Carpenter at Fan Expo 2012 in Toronto, Canada where he talks about that money machine; Halloween, developing video games and how to create the scariest films of all time. Here’s the expert.

-Lauren Schell

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