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Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

Fan Expo: Toronto Who, what?

Fan Expo is coming August 22-25, when the Metro Convention Center will become the home of aliens, superheroes, zombies, artists, writers, dreamers. Much like Church Street after midnight.

The guest list this year is amazing. From horror to anime, Fanexpo offers the crème de la crème of actors, creators and games once more. If you’re at sea amidst the nerd ocean, I will be your lighthouse, guiding you to the shining shores.


Stan Lee returns to Fanexpo. The perennial fan favourite, a legendary writer, and all around

good-sport, you need to stop by whatever panel Lee is on. Get an autograph, a picture, he’s an absolute gent. Garth Ennis, one of my favourite writers, is finally hitting FX. Award winning, fan favourite writer of such hits as Punisher MAX, Preacher, and Hellblazer, among so many more, I’m excited at the prospect as being

in the same building as him, never mind meeting him. Next is Mike Mignola, creator of the epic Hellboy. Writer, artist, his work is characterised by excellent research and a dark wit. If you’re lucky, he might even tell you about the time he made Wolverine king of the cavemen. And you can even get a twofer and meet Ron Perlman, Hellboy himself!

If you’d prefer something a bit more interactive, hit up one of the many sketch duels. Watch artists do what they do best, while sharing stories and some friendly joshing. Are you an aspiring artist? Then get thee to one of many portfolio reviewers! Bring your best work, let the pros give you some feedback, learn and grow, and maybe one day, you too will be giving advice to aspiring young creators.

But wait! Comics aren’t really your thing! Well, aren’t you lucky, because Fanexpo also offers some juicy horror shows. Meet legends like Joe Dante (Gremlins), Jeffrey Combs (Reanimator, Star Trek, Justice League Unlimited) and The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska. Finish up with a jam session with Alice Cooper, godfather of shock rock, once voted number 73 in the 100 Greatest Scariest Moments. Nothing in particular was voted in, mind, just him.

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