American Hustle The Quintessential Look of the 70s

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

Above: Katherine Gordon and Evelyne Noraz took inspiration for hair and makeup from 1970s icons like super model Patti Hansen (pictured above at Studio 54).

Above: Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle, sporting a blue and brown smokey eye and 70s updo.

Above: Jennifer Lawrence’s evening makeup and updo.

Above: still from American Hustle. Amy Adams with a loose wave. Below: Adams wears tight curls with trademark disco era makeup.

American Hustle has already received a number of awards and nominations including the AFI Movie of the Year Award. Expect to see American Hustle on the list Jan. 16th for numerous potential awards including Costume Design, Hair and MakeUp when the Oscar nominations are released for the 86th Academy Awards. Judy Beker has already won the 2013 Hollywood Costume Design Award and Hollywood Production Design Award for her work on American Hustle at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards.


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American Hustle The Quintessential Look of the 70s

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