Best of Superman Part 1

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One of the most recognisable superheroes of all time, Superman turns 75 this year. He doesn’t look it. Blame the Kryptonian DNA. Check out our series of the top five Superman stories to prep for the upcoming Man of Steel.

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Superman vs the Elite

“You asked for us world. Now you got us.”

The Authority was a wildly popular comic at the dawn of the new millennium. Deliberately provocative, with “by any means necessary” as their motto, the Authority ousted political regimes, racked up an impressive body count every issue, may have killed God, conquered America in a bloodless coup and featured Superman and Batman in a gay relationship. It’s a great comic, highly recommended.

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But as great as it was, it left more morally upright characters like Superman in an awkward position. Does might make right? Can someone like Superman be relevant in today’s world? That’s what this movie sets out to discover. Based on the flawed What’s so funny about truth, justice and the American Way?, Superman vs the Elite sees Superman clash with a new team of superheroes. Calling themselves The Elite, they initially seem a little rough around the edges, but they’re enthusiastic about helping people. Then they start to lose themselves in their egos and anger. For Superman, violence is the absolute last resort. For the Elite, it quickly becomes the first and only resort.

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At times, the metaphor for America and “The Sleeping Giant” are a bit heavy handed, but the core message is great. Violence should only ever be the last resort. An eye for an eye leads only to blindness. People should try to take the high road, no matter what the situation. Using violence might work initially, but in the end, all that does is turn more people against you.

It’s nicely calculated, showing us Superman’s hopes for the new team slowly becoming frustration and finally resignation when he realises how far gone the Elite are. It’s not perfect, and more could have been done to explore the morality of killing serial killers and terrorists, but it tries, even making some of the Elite’s actions more grey than clear cut wrong. With some amazing visuals (check out Superman taking out an airforce while saving the pilots at the same time), high quality voice acting, and really nice animation, you should definitely check this movie out.

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