TRON: LEGACY ……more than just a movie

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by: Moira Romano

Background to TRON


TRON first exploded on the silver screen in 1982, the genius of director Steven Lisberger and producer Donald Kushner. Lisberger was inspired to create the movie out of his passion for computer games. It took two years to develop the team and adapt the technology to make the movie. TRON was Lisberger’s directorial debut and one of the first live action movies to incorporate green screen technology to create a three dimensional world. Computer technology used in the movie was borrowed from the aerospace and scientific research worlds and for that time highly sophisticated. TRON became a Disney hit.
The original story is about Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a brilliant young game designer, who is sure that a video game he created was stolen by an ENCOM corporate executive, Ed Dillinger (David Warner), who has fired him. Flynn breaks into the mainframe at ENCOM with the help of Dr. Lora Baines (Cindy Morgan) to prove it. Kevin finds himself suddenly blasted into the internal electronic world of the computer by the Master Control Program (MCP) designed by Ed Dillinger. In this cyber world the alter egos of the programmers run the show and have the freedom to do their jobs the way they choose. The corrupt Master Control Program has taken over the entire system and overridden their systems. Flynn, who is Clu in the cyber world, is sentenced to die on the Game Grid. Flynn finds an ally in Tron (Allan Bradley), an electronic security program; he manages to escape the Master Control Program (MCP) and returns to the real world. Kevin Flynn becomes the head of ENCOM. He designs a new and much more impressive digital world called the “Tron System” which he can enter at will using the laser system. The “Tron System” develops on a time scale much faster than Earth time and in the two decades that Kevin Flynn has been missing 1000 “Tron” years have passed.

TRON: LEGACY ……………getting the right director.


TRON: LEGACY will open in theaters Dec. 17thand it is promising to be ‘something extraordinary’. The 3-D high-tech digital world in which the story unfolds is a visually stunning state-of-the-art cyber universe. This will be the directorial debut for Joseph Kosinski, a humble ad guy from Iowa. Don’t be fooled, Kosinski has an impressive resume including time at Oxford, Stanford and Columbia Universities in mechanical, architectural design and digital design programming. Turning his talents to ads he created something that had an unusually different and captivating quality but was originally given the cold shoulder by the ad world — not commercial enough. Kosinski stayed true to his vision and went his own way designing ads like his futuristic iPod ad, which had a theme similar to “Tron” where users can enter the recreated movie scenes through their iPod. His real life character sounds a lot like the fictional Kevin Flynn. We are undoubtedly in the presence of a genius. Ever been to San Diego’s Comic-Con International? If you had, you would have seen the three-minute test footage created by Kosinski for Disney, a glimpse of what he might come up with for Tron. Comic-Con fans loved it and Disney decided to give him the whole $170 million dollar budget to play with. By the way, Kosinski has written a novel Oblivion which has already been bought by Disney and they have also commissioned him to remake the 1979 movieThe Black Hole.

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TRON: LEGACY ……more than just a movie

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