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God Save “The King’s Speech”

Nothing short of a miracle will. The story, as laboriously related by director Tom Hooper and writer David Seidler, follows King George VI as he battles with a speech impediment. Normally, confessions of ineptitude are kept quietly behind closed doors; in The King’s Speech,’ the audience is forced to witness the misbegotten disaster of great actors portraying poor characters. ((Spoiler Alert)) The most comedic and engaging scene is when George (Firth) erupts in a conniption of abandon, yelling “shit, shit , shit!”. Yes, indeed! Humor better left in grade school warrants the command — “refrain from wiping with the celluloid!” Despite it’s major missteps and ponderous character, the film is not without merits. When the camera rests still, the viewer is able to overcome the nausea created by the excessive and incorrect use of both depth-of-field, lighting, and the close-up. The few medium and long shots are easily missed, likely due to the lack of action in the writing.

The film’s saving grace is the set design. The classical use of repetition, color, and textures make the film bearable alongside the shining cast. This reviewer questions what motivated the producers of this film. Perhaps the writer or director had an interest in (or fetish with) speech impediments, in which case, post-recovery — Put a lid on it and leave this can alone. The impediment was clearly a blessing. Unlike the usual contrarian bungling of A.O. Scott and his ilk, the sting of this review will be concurrent with the box office results. 5/10 at best. On a side note, it is always a pleasure to see the beautiful Helena Bonham Carter on the screen; since her roles in “Novocaine” and “Fight Club” she has captured my eye.

Sadly all the talent and sexiness in the world won’t save “The King’s Speech”. The director, writer, and cinematographer need to rethink the consolatory and cathartic powers of this masterpiece, as it nearly sent me back to my own therapist.

Ottaviano Romano

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