The Deep TIFF 2012 Review

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The Deep: A Miraculous True Story/Myth Man Against Nature – TIFF Review

Baltasar Kormakur brings an Icelandic myth to life in “The Deep. Legend tells of a sailor whose ship goes down in the freezing North Atlantic. His only means of survival is to swim back to shore and his only companions are the sea gulls overhead. Scientifically impossible, this man is said to have made it all the way back over rock, snow and freezing waters. Hypothermia can kill in minutes. The sailor’s name is Gulli (Olafur Darri Olafsson). Did I mention this is a modern myth? It happened in 1984. This story is true and it is fascinating.

The North Atlantic is a cold dreary place but Icelandic fishermen need a means to support their families. Gulli is a portly fellow who lives with his mother and doesn’t really take care of himself. When his ship goes down several miles off the coast of his island, his is left alone in this vast, cold, unforgiving ocean with only his thoughts, regrets and a desperate need to survive. “The Deep” is a wonderful film about reflection, miracles and the unrelenting strength of human will. Beyond all odds Gulli swims to shore, but is he a liar? Did it really happen? These are the questions he faces upon his return. Skeptics never want to believe in miracles.

The story is shot masterfully and what is remarkable is that no CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is used throughout the film. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why this is so impressive. Careful planning, execution and a director with a vision is necessary to pull off this kind of realism. Many films today use FX to tell their stories, while this is hard in and of itself, practically shooting FX makes a much greater impact on the audience.

Olafur’s performance as Gulli is inspiring. He brings a real foundation to this character. He brings us with him into the ocean and you literally can feel the cold pass through your bones while the film progresses. Baltasar has produced his greatest movie feat yet with this picture.


Chris Murphy



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