Syrup Review

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

Based on the best-selling novel by Max Berry, “Syrup”, directed by Aram Rappaport, explores the critical difference between marketing and art. The story, revolves around the cut-throat world of marketing. Aram Rappaport is a promising young filmmaker whose prior work “Innocent,” is one of the first ever feature length films shot in one take. Syrup shot for an estimated $2.5 million, stars a breakout, young cast including Amber Heard (Zombieland, The Rum Diary, Paranoia), Kellan Lutz (Twilight), and Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead, The East).

Scat (Shiloh Fernandez), like many college grads, wants a slice of the fame and glory that he thinks accompanies a successful career in marketing. It looks like he might get both when he develops an energy drink with a name that shouldn’t be printed here “FUKK”. Six (Amber Heard) is the perfectly manicured, steely-gazed ad executive and alleged lesbian that is cajoled into helping him carve out a career. But when Scat’s friend and roommate Sneaky Pete (Kellan Lutz) swoops in to trademark the product name, Scat has to go back to the drawing board, and Six might be game to help him. When it comes to acting, Amber Heard does the best job. Her Six is seductive and stone-cold, and she nails the delivery of her lines more successfully than Fernandez. Kellan Lutz’s performance is flat and irritating. At times, it feels as though Rappaport has difficulty deciding the tone of the film, succeeding when it’s focusing on satire, but considerably weaker when it tries to be a love story. An exhaustingly repetitive plot structure leaves you yawning at times.

Is it worth watching? Yes, entertaining but not too deep.

Christophe Chanel

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