Reincarnated TIFF 2012 Review

Posted 11 years ago by myetvmedia

Let’s light one up for Vice Magazine’s Andy Capper director of the Snoop Dogg documentary, Reincarnated. Capper has created a knockout documentary following Snoop Dogg’sspiritual and career transformation from gangbanger pimp to the peace toting Rastafari, reggae man, Snoop Lion.

Fuck Snoop Dogg, don’t think about non of that shit he rapped about -hustlin’, makin’ money, and drug dealing and shooting. All that shit’ll be out of here” - Snoop Dogg, Reincarnated.

Reincarnated follows Snoop Dogg on his quest to leave his rap ways behind him and embark on a new career and spiritual life path. The movie follows Snoop’s one month journey to Jamaica to learn about the culture and the Rastafarian beliefs and traditions. Reincarnated takes you through the history of Snoop, from his gang beginnings, to his days with Tupacand even explores his relationship with his wife and kids, an area of Snoop Dogg’s life that has been a mystery for me up until this point.

Artists always have, and always will go through arcs of reinvention, so it’s nothing new to see them don new images or take on new quests in life. What’s refreshing about Capper’sdocumentary is its honest ability to admit its potential for gimmicky appearances, and it’s effort to overcome that. While the main purpose of the film was to document Snoop’s new reggae album Reincarnated, produced by Diplo of Major Lazer fame, it also serves as a fascinating look at the shifting mindset of the 40 year old performer and his desire to create music with positive messages.

Both Capper and Snoop go to great lengths to prove Snoop Doggs legitimate desire to reform from the man who penned lyrics like “ I put this pistol in your mouth, now what you gon’ do?”  to a messenger of peace and love. If Bunny Wailers cameo and seal of authenticity isn’t enough to convince audiences that Snoop Lionis the real deal, I don’t know what will. Highlighted by the music of his newest album, Reincarnated is entertaining, insightful and surprisingly poignant at times.

Reincarnated is a serious treat for Snoop Dogg fans and anyone wishing that artists would dedicate themselves to promoting a cliche but needed message of love and peace.



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