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It is night, a woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) rises from her bed leaving a sleeping man her husband (Yvan Attal), a gun shot cracks the darkness. Right from the outset of this film a sense of alarm and tension is created. Flash back six months and a story unravels that is engrossing, disturbing and perhaps familiar.


The setting is modern France. Suzanne (Kristin Scott Thomas) is an attractive woman with two teenagers and a busy, successful husband. She appears to be the perfect wife and mother. She is endeavoring to restart a career she left 20 years ago. Her husband clearly sees her as a domestic and ridicules the idea that she is capable of working. Family life is centered on his career and interests and those of the teenagers. Despite her outward composure, Suzanne has reached the breaking point and is desperately in need of some personal reaffirmation and escape from this life of control. Enter Ivan (Sergi Lopez) and through a series of events the opportunity presents itself for Suzanne to find personal freedom and to reignite her passion that has been repressed for so long.


Catherine Corsini skillfully unveils the true nature of the characters as each play out the role they have adopted: the indignant, controlling, outraged husband; the teenagers, needy and confused; Suzanne passionate, devoted and naïve; Ivan, initially so steady, swept away by the events; the lovers in a state of denial and facing odds that seem insurmountable. Corsini builds the suspense to a perfect climax that is indeed shocking.


Moira Romano

Partir (leaving) Trailer

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