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Colin Farell delivers an outstanding performance as Syracuse, the wild Irish fisherman who fishes alone, luckless until unexpectedly he finds a beautiful siren in his net. It seems completely believable that Ondine (Alicja Bachleda) is a sea-maiden. She implores Syracuse to hide her, which he does at his rustic fishing cabin nestled in one of the coves on the jagged southwest Irish coast. Syracuse’s luck begins to change when Ondine accompanies him fishing. Her singing seems to fill his nets.


Syracuse has a young daughter Annie (Alison Barry), who is gravely ill.  Confined to a wheelchair, she is dependent on blood transfusions until a kidney transplant is possible. Syracuse tells her a story about Ondine, but Annie is quick enough to understand that the story is real. She believes completely in the mythical reality and after meeting Ondine is convinced. Suddenly Ondine’s arrival seems to imbue Syracuse and Annie with a new sense of joy and optimism. But lurking in the shadows, true to the myth itself, is a reality that may take Ondine away from them.


Director Neil Jordan spins a wonderful Irish yarn captured beautifully by the mystical landscapes and seascapes that bring such stories to life.


Moira Romano

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