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Jean-Pierre Jeunet, once again brings his movie magic to the screen with “Micmacs à tire-larigot”, a romantic comedy set in his beloved Paris. Highly imaginative visual vocabulary combined with an ingenious storyline delivers a captivating movie about love and revenge. Bazil (Dany Boon) is the charming, yet unlikely hero who finds himself through a series of tragic events forced to the fringes of society. Orphaned at an early age after his father was killed by a land mine he is a devotee of the movies, reciting them line for line. Great misfortune strikes him one night while working at a video store and he later finds himself alone and penniless forced to live by his wit on the streets of Paris. He is befriended by a former ex-con Tire-Larigot, now a salvage expert. Tire-Larigot introduces Bazil to a secret society of endearing misfits who have made a home in a scrap heap.


Bazil is a misfit himself. He carries a bullet in his head and a great desire to take revenge upon the people who put it there. Adopted by Tire-Larigot and his gang, Bazil suddenly finds that the means to get revenge is within his grasp. With the assistance of his resourceful, witty friends he takes on the two of the most powerful arms dealers and brilliantly plots their downfall. Only Jeunet’s screenplay and deft direction could manage so skillfully, artistically and charmingly to grace such serious topics with humor and romance. Micmacs à Tire-Lrigot is a fitting and poignant next film for the man who brought us the award winning “Amelie”.


Moira Romano

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