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Posted 9 years ago by myetvmedia

Pedro Almodovar returns with what he describes as a “light, very light comedy.” When some airport workers (Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz) neglect their duties, a plane is left damaged and the passengers endangered. The attendants are forced to keep the peace anyway they can, while the pilots try to find a safe place to land.

Ordinarily, this scenario could provide the premise for a pretty good drama. Almodovar has opted to go another route and tried to find the comedy in the situation. Taking its name from a song and dance routine carried out by the extraordinarily stereotypical, campy flight attendants, dark secrets are brought up; adultery, sex, drugs, it’s pretty heavy stuff and ripe for comedy. The passengers include a disgraced banker, a soap star, a dominatrix, a psychic who smells death, and the gay attendants include an alcoholic, a pill-popper and a Hindu.

Despite a mostly solid premise, cast and script, there are several things which topple the entire house of cards. The key moment that sealed my opinion is the scene which is undeniably a rape scene played entirely for laughs and passed off as a positive experience for both participants. At the end of the film, they both walk off into the sunset together, ignoring that one participant was drugged into unconsciousness and can’t remember what happened. The characters are almost universally one note, with very little to make them likable. Throw in some of the worst stereotypes of homosexuality, and you may find it difficult to give a damn about whether or not these people survive. That may have been what Almodovar was aiming for.

In theatres July 5th, but save your money.

Donal O’connor



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