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Legendary director and actor Clint Eastwood returned to Toronto’s Elgin Theatre after a twenty year absence, to introduce his latest movie “Hereafter”  (Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby). He received a standing ovation from the packed house. “Hereafter” is a step away from the award winning dramatic films we are use to seeing from Eastwood as he tackles the controversial and highly personal subject of death and spirituality.  Matt Damon (George) and Bryce Dallas Howard who star in the film with Cécile de France (Marie) also attended the premiere.


“Hereafter” interweaves the stories of three otherwise unconnected people who’s near death experiences and their interpretation of life after death, ultimately unite them. The film opens with a vivid sequence in which Marie, a well-respected journalist, is nearly killed during a powerful Tsunami. Her traumatic brush with death causes her to have a life altering, spiritual awakening that leaves her searching for answers. George (Matt Damon) is a factory worker with a remarkable ability to communicate with the dead, which he tries to ignore. His self -proclaimed “curse” prevents him from any close relationships for fear of being exploited. Finally, young Marcus (Frankie McLaren) is a twin and the son of a recovering drug addict. Suddenly his existence is permanently altered by a freak accident.  Eastwood follows the transformations of these three people on their quest for answers about the supernatural, death and its finality to a climactic conclusion.


Matt Damon’s portrayal of George’s turmoil shows elegance and tenderness.  We believe in his psychic abilities and sense his deep vulnerability.  The scenes where he performs psychic readings are some of the most captivating in the film. Eastwood’s clever juxtaposition of hoax psychics throughout the film, provide humour to this difficult subject. Cécile de France and McLaren both give strong performances.  Unfortunately their moving stories are a little drawn out, a feeling which is further enhanced by the accompanying overpowering music soundtrack, causing  “Hereafter” to flounder.


Eastwood takes a risk with this film as he attempts to shed light on what happens when you die. “Hereafter” takes a respectful and controversial stand on what that process could be. Despite its flaws the movie will have a strong following and incite some interesting debate.  It is refreshing that at 80 Eastwood takes this  brave, new approach to film directing with “Hereafter”. For the record, I am still on the Eastwood band wagon and nothing could ever knock me off, this was just a little detour along the way.

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