Glorious 39

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Sepia filters overlay the opening sequence of Glorious 39, a year in England that would see the end of the gilded age and herald the entrance of England into the second world war. Life that year still held the luxury and beauty of a country in a state of affluence and stability. Stephen Poliakoff sweeps the viewer into the heart of one of England’s most illustrious families whose wealth and political clout have been around for generations. A chic townhouse in London and a magnificent family estate in the country are the setting for elegant and sophisticated parties and picnics where money is no object. The family is close and loving, or so it appears.


Anne (Romola Garai) is a blonde haired beauty who was adopted before two other siblings were born. She is an actress and her brother, following their father’s political career, is a member of the Foreign Office. All seems idyllic until the single most significant political issue of the day rocks England’s complacency: go to war against Hitler’s Nazis or make a pact with them.  The depth of this tension over England’s role in the war gradually plays out in Anne’s relationship with her family and intimate friends.


A stellar cast including Bill Nighy, Julie Christie, Christopher Lee and Hugh Bonneville portray characters incredibly conflicted over England’s possible role in Hitler’s world. The ensuing secrets and clandestine actions coping with war lead to circumstances that destroy the very things held most dear. The repercussions are enduring and challenge our sense of moral order. We leave with a deep sense of the turmoil and confusion that was hidden beneath the outwardly glorious year of 1939 in England and realize how easy for any country and its citizens to slip into a moral chaos. What is evil and how do a country and its people recognize and deal with it without succumbing to its power?


Moira Romano

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