Game Of Thrones: HBO Series Preview

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Game Of Thrones: HBO Series Preview

Game of Thrones is one of the most anticipated television series debuting this year. On April 17th, George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel will be on your television screen and you will not want to miss it. Martin’s fantasy series has been read the world over and is enjoyed by millions, many claim it to be the greatest fantasy book series of all time or second only to the Lord of the Rings. I am an avid reader myself and have been eagerly awaiting this series since it was announced by HBO whom I have absolute faith in when it comes to a “true to the book” adaptation of this series.

A new, very special 14 minute preview has been released on HBO’s web site, a small chunk of the first episode can be watched in all its glory. The series has massive production value and every aspect of the sets, costumes and the all star acting talent (boasting such masters as Sean Bean) scream of the highest quality. The story itself is something rarely seen in many fantasy novels but one that is perfectly suited for television; it is an intense and gripping political drama that follows a half dozen or so main characters through the days of an approaching ‘world altering’ conflict. The series will also boast a fair amount of fantasy action, sweeping vistas (shot in northern Ireland) and hot sex. Game of Thrones is not to be missed, the millions of fans the novels have already won over are anxiously counting down the days and now fans of television dramas can now enjoy one of the greatest character pieces of all time.

Max Romano

Game Of Thrones "Iron Throne" Clip Preview

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