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Cracks, provides a rare glimpse into the intricate and delicately balanced world of an upper crust girls’ private school. The film is a jewel – a beautifully polished production with a subject matter that is as relevant today as it was in the 1930’s.  It is sensual and disturbing. Miss G (Eva Green), a product of the English boarding school system is the girls’ teacher and their fascination. The epitome of elegance and worldliness, she reigns within the insulated world of the school until an exotic, sophisticated and mysterious stranger (Maria Valverde) arrives. Emotional chaos ensues.

Cracks, is Jordan Scott’s directoral debut and she brings to it all the experience of her close association with the Scott production dynasty (father Ridley and uncle Tony). Scott masterfully carries the viewer into this very intimate world in which girlish fantasies are replaced with the aspirations of womanhood. Be prepared to enter the darker side of human nature as the characters manipulate their circumstances only to find that in fact they themselves are the victims. Based on Sheila Kohler’s novel, the movie is a must see coming of age story, with performances that leave the viewer engaged and riveted by Scott’s intense connection with her characters.


Moira Romano

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