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Conan The Barbarian in 3D is a reboot of the classic and long running fantasy story Conan The Barbarian created by Robert E. Howard. This version of the classic is an embarrassing failure that will disappoint fans of action films, seriously depress fans of the fantasy novels, comic books and the John Milius original classic film.

Jason Momoa, whom expertly portrays Khal Drogo on HBO’s Game Of Thrones, seems the perfect choice to play the revered barbarian, unfortunately he is held back by a hammy and lackluster script that forces about ten brutal onscreen deaths every five minutes.

The classic character Conan is a warrior who must does a lot of killing in any medium though this particular film under Marcus Nispel’s direction, took the violence to a truly disgusting and overexposed level.

The first twenty minutes of the film held my attention. Early sequences when we see Conan as a boy learning the ways of the warrior from his father who is well portrayed by Ron Perlman where consistent with the feeling of the original classic. Despite a well thought out scene reminiscent of Once A Upon a Time In The West’s chilling execution scene, the film failed horribly to continue to be engaging. All the subtle quality of Milius original film classic, such as the fantastic musical score, western style pacing and faithful dialogue are lost on this garbage film. I was thoroughly disappointed at such a lost opportunity. Great actors and a truly classic tale turned into a gory second-rate movie with a truly embarrassingly bad script.

The bad guy played by Stephen Lang, who is rather fantastic at playing bad guys, fails to feel as real as the original Thulsa Doom played by James Earl Jones, who featured a realistic villainous nature that lies on the cusp of reality. Lang’s villain obsessed with a magical ‘do hicky’ of ultimate power fails to be believable. Conan’s love interest is equally as weak and doesn’t hold a candle to Millius Valaria who was based upon Robert E Howards Queen of the Black Coast and seemed an independent and strong character in her own right. Apparently this film only features a female lead so that Conan may save her.

The film’s 3D is truly atrocious and is disjointedly strung together in flashback sequences and unattractive fantasy vistas. Conan The Barbarian truly upset me; it is a waste of three talented actors; Momoa, Lang and Perlman and bears no semblance to Robert E Howards classic pulp character. It was a terrible disappointment.

MyETVmedia gives Conan a pitiful 3/10

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