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To teach his children about responsibility, an overbearing father (Cesare Apolito) orders his sons Alessandro (Vinchio Marchioni) and Pietro (Michele Alhaique) to tame two wild horses. Alessandro dreams of the big city, while Pietro is content to remain in the countryside. After finally taming their horses, they resolve to find their fortune in the city, but Pietro eventually returns home, leaving Alessandro on his own. After many years, Alessandro returns home, disillusioned with the city and dreaming of the wide open spaces of the countryside.

The movie travels from the suffocating idyll of the countryside to the perceived freedom of the city, with its small streets, narrow corridors, steamy brothels, swindlers and violence, back to the country, with big open spaces. The juxtaposition of city and countryside is startling. The visuals are fantastic, easily the best part of the movie. My one problem with the movie is that the relationship between the Alessandro and Pietro isn’t really explored between their youth and when they meet again as adults. It’s not clear if it’s their first time meeting since childhood, or if they have met previously. It’s a narrative flaw, but not enough to ruin the movie.

The actors Vinicio Marchioni and Michele Alhaique have on screen great chemistry, really making you believe they are brothers. Their father, played by Cesare Apolito, is a convincingly flawed figure, trying to do his best but unable to really connect with his children. All we see of his final meeting with Alessandro is a single question that breaks both their hearts.

Directed by Michele Rho, and playing as part of this year’s ICFF, it’s highly recommended.

Donal O’connor



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