Blind Spot (Doudege Wenkel) Review

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

Blind Spot by Christophe Wagner is Luxembourg’s entry in the Oscars Foreign Film category of the 86th Academy Awards. We will have to wait until Jan 16th, 2014 to find out if it makes the final cut. It is a hardboiled noir style film with a story set in a world of conspiracy and old grudges, where nobody is as they might seem. You have the cowboy cop, running on rage and spite, the superior determined not to retire on a failed case, a mysterious murder with zero evidence, and a dame who was the last person to see the victim alive.

Olivier (Jules Werner) is a cop who watched a few too many Dirty Harry movies and is struggling with his sexuality. His brother, Tom (Mickey Hardt) is a more traditional cop and family, respected by his superiors and peers. But when Tom turns up dead, and evidence points to him spending time with prostitutes, Olivier resolves to find his killer and restore his moral standing. All he has to go on is a business card that points to a very shady company with some very powerful stockholders.

The plot twists and turns, but never confuses the viewer. Like the best noir, there are twists and betrayals aplenty, with backstabbing and tarnished heroes all the way, touching on some very disturbing stuff but getting it right in a way many stories don’t. The scene of a prostitute hiding the scars on her wrist would elsewhere be followed by some impassioned pleading or a sting or something that draws attention to it. Here, it’s treated as a matter of course. This is a nasty world, where nasty people do nasty deeds. Poor people hide crimes for fear of deportation, while rapists walk free in high society.

It’s great, with fantastic turns by both Werner and Andre Jung as his superior Hastert, showing the differences between law and justice.

Highly recommended.

Donal O’Connor


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