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Oscar winner Colin Firth surprises us by stepping away from his more tradition role as an Englishman to assume a new identity as an American in Arthur Newman. He and Emily Blunt were a lot of fun on the TIFF Red Carpet. Two new young talents to watch were also part of the Arthur Newman cast. Young Sterling Beaumon was remarkably relaxed in the company of such acclaimed actors, eagerly sharing his experience in the role of Colin Firth’s (Arthur Newman) young son in the movie. Sterling Beaumon is a talent to watch. He earned early recognition  in ABC’s hit series LOST. Lucas Hedges also in Arthur Newman as Kevin Avery and was on the Red Carpet at TIFF. He has most recently starred in Moonrise Kingdom and will be starring next to Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz & Ben Wishaw in The Zero Theorem directed by Terry Gilliam out 2013.

We are all actors in one-way or another. Who hasn’t dream of being someone else, a sport star, a famous musician, or simply just assuming some identity other than one’s own? Well in his provocative debut, director Dante Ariola probes what it means to take an identity crisis to the extreme in “Arthur Newman”.

Wallace Avery (Colin Firth) is tired of his life. Divorced, disconnected from his son (Sterling Beaumon), dissatisfied of his new girlfriend (Anne Heche) and their love life, he decides the time has come for a radical solution. He stages his own death, buys himself a new identity of a deceased man “Arthur Newman” and starts a new life as Arthur Newman, golf pro.

Wallace meets Mike (Emily Blunt) who bond when they discover that they both want to run away from their respective families and create new lives for themselves. So Wallace and Mike hit the road, travelling across the country, breaking into empty homes and adopting the identities of the absent residents. But how long can they keep it up?


Christophe Chanel

Colin Firth & Emily Blunt

Sterling Beaumon


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