Top 5 Bond Games

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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 007, we’re taking a look back at the 5 Best Bond video games:

#5 James Bond 007 (1997) Game Boy

Courtesy of: Nintendo

Ok, at first this game might look more like a Pokémon game than a Bond game, but give it a chance. James Bond 007 is a top down action-adventure game and was one of the last games released for the original Game Boy. The gameplay is similar to earlier Zelda games and requires you to use a wide mix of weaponry and gadgets in order to advance. The story brings you around the world as you attempt to track down a secret weapons cache. Along the way you’ll run into some familiar foes including Oddjob (who is a serious pain to fight) and Jaws. The locales are varied and they manage to keep the gameplay fresh. Sprinkles of funny Bond innuendos and Casino mini-games are also nice touches.

James Bond 007 can be quite challenging at times. Solving some of the puzzles will involve a lot of backtracking and talking to every person around to figure out the next step. Hidden items are not visible on the screen and will require you to punch around entire rooms to find them. Also ammo is annoyingly hard to amass and quick to go through and taking on armed enemies with your bare hands is going to lead to a lot of deaths. However, the game is fairly reasonable with its restart points and it lets you keep all the items you’d amassed before your death.

If you’re looking for a different Bond experience or don’t feel like playing a Link to the Past through for the tenth time, give this one a go.

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Top 5 Bond Games

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Top 5 Bond Games


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  • #5 James Bond 007 Gameboy
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