Top 5 Bond Films

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James Bond or 007 is a fictional character but you would never know it. Selecting the definitive top 5 Bond films is a very personal choice.

The quintessential spy, the cool, debonair, quick thinking man of action is without question Ian Fleming’s special agent MI6 codename 007. There are 22 Bond Films. Skyfall, No. 23 releases this November with Daniel Craig returning as the latest Bond. In 1962 the world was introduced to Bond in Dr. No. Bond was played by  a virtually  unknown actor named Sean Connery.  All that quickly changed as the world discovered everything about the Bond series was unique and appealing. Graphic designer Maurice Binder can take credit for adding to the mystique and cache of the Bond film series. Binder created the most iconic, eye-catching, memorable title sequences for the opening of 14 Bond movies between 1962 and 1989. Binder took a new approach to using music, playful fonts, color, silhouettes – especially shapely female silhouettes and photography to establish the mood. The James Bond saga has captivated a world audience  with a unique combination of things that rely on a great script, heroic leading man qualities embodied by the style and character of 007 and his story. The early James Bond Films were based on Ian Fleming’s novels and short stories, later films were based on original story lines inspired by Fleming’s 007 tales.

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Bond, James Bond”.  We first meet James Bond at the Baccarat tables where the setting, the music, Bond’s good luck and style immediately capture the essence of the man we will come to love - 007. Baccarat  (Baccarat Chemin de Fer) is a high stakes game of chance and James Bond is an expert at it. It will find its way into a number of the Bond scripts (Dr. NoOn Her Majesty’s Service,Goldeneye and Casino Royale where the game was changed to Poker).

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Sean Connery has the tall, lean, rugged good looks, easy manner and screen presence that was perfect for Ian Fleming’s secret agent although the producers were not convince of this at the time. Dr. No was followed up with Goldfinger  (1964) then Thunderball in 1965. After You Only Live Twice (1967) Sean Connery was replaced by George Lazenby as Bond, which created a huge controversy with fans and in 1971 Connery was back as Bond in On Her Majesty’s Service .  Sean Connery was certainly the screen embodiment of the world’s most iconic secret agent and Thunderball continues to be one of the most internationally popular Bond films. Everything came together so well in Thunderball  - no wonder it is on the BOND top 5 list. Four out of our top 5 Bond films star Sean Connery as Bond and also incidentally also follow the original Ian Fleming stories.

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Top 5 Bond Films

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Dr No Trailer

From Russi With Love Trailer

Goldfinger Trailer

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  • Dr No
  • Casino Royale
  • From Russia With Love
  • Goldfinger
  • Thunderball

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