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What’s a dream way to kick start your career as a fashion designer? How about having your designs sold in over 100 Target Stores across Canada? This dream is now a reality for Canadian designer, Sarah Stevenson. This week Stevenson won the TFI Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Label competition, beating out finalists SEVENTHIRTYONE, Paria Shirvani and Christopher Paunil. The lavish TFI event, sponsored by Target awards provided one hard working designer the grand prize of $25,000 from philanthropist Suzanne Rogers, a collaboration with the mega brand, Target and a full page in Flare Magazine. Cocktails, evening gowns and A-list fashion personalities including Stacey McKenzie and Leesa Butler were on hand.

Stevenson, along with some of the most talented designers in Canada, competed in the annual 6 month long TFI challenge, that pits designers against each other. The designers had to create assigned designs and present them for evaluation to a panel of judges. The Milan trained Stevenson didn’t seem phased by the tough competition at all. “It was really exciting!” she said, seen here flanked by two statuesque models wearing her opulent and innovative designs. Montreal’s Melissa Nepton was the recipient of the Montreal leg of the competition that took place in February. Look for both the Melissa Nepton and Sarah Stevenson new lines that will be launched in participating Target locations across Canada in 2014.

“I have to get to work!” exclaimed Stevenson when asked what’s next for the 32- year old designer. Stevenson’s ‘Dutch Baroque painting’ inspired designs feature laser cutouts and innovative fabrics, sheer overlays and a touch of modern romanticism. To say we’re excited to be able to purchase her designs sooner than later is a bit of an understatement, especially when we heard how she personalizes her fabrics.

“I’m a textile designer, so I hand paint the fabrics to achieve the patterns” she said, with a gleam in her eye. “It’s such a huge opportunity to work with Target, because they sell more than just clothing. It’s a really massive chance for a designer to have the opportunity to  feature their designs across the board: accessories, home-wear; sheets, towels…the sky’s the limit!”

                                                                                        Sarah Stevenson

We’ll be taking one of everything.

Lauren Schell


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