Breaking Bad tributes Kevin Cordasco

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

We often underestimate the power of fiction. We deride television as garbage that’s rotting our brains and keeping us from something meaningful. But for Kevin Cordasco, who lived with childhood cancer until his untimely death at 16, television, specifically Breaking Bad, was a reprieve from a terrible and consuming illness.

Cordasco was an avid fan of the show and watched it religiously with friends. His father, Kevin Cordasco Senior said his son identified with Walter White and the way he embodied the fighting spirit of a person battling cancer. Fans watched the mysterious dedication at the end of the August 11th premiere puzzled, only learning the touching story behind the message now.

Kevin was given the opportunity to visit the Breaking Bad set and meet the cast and crew. The pictures speak towards a joy that goes along with meeting your heroes and it’s hard to imagine that this kid could be suffering as much as he was underneath that charming smile. Sadly Kevin passed away before seeing the recent premiere but his family has said that for them it will be an institution “it’s what he would have wanted”.

Television is a lot of things but before we bring it down with case studies on laziness and reports of illiteracy we should consider the power of all storytelling. The way that a plot might inform our lives. The way a scene might make us feel, or the relief that goes along with watching a loved character battle the stress and misfortune that so many of us live with everyday.

Check out our Breaking Bad Top Ten Scenes from Seasons 1-4 below.

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