Pink Ribbons, Inc. – An Intimate Conversation with Lea Pool

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Canadian Filmmakers Rock the Boat! PINK RIBBONS, INC.

An intimate interview with the Lea Pool, director of PINK RIBBONS, INC

Big Business – the big business of fund raising for Cancer is hoping that this one will go away quickly. For some, the audacity of a documentary filmmaker to suggest that there is something fundamentally flawed with this multi billion-dollar industry is outrageous. Cancer and Pink has almost become an interchangeable oxymoron when anyone approaches cancer fundraising. What is more sinister is to even contemplate the possibility that at a moment of total vulnerability – when a family, an individual, a friend – is stricken with cancer, that this would become the optimum opportunity to prey upon that weakness.

PINK RIBBONS, INC.  is a stunning documentary directed by acclaimed filmmaker Léa Pool. It is a NFB (National Film Board of Canada) production, executive produced by Ravida Din. We had the privilege of interviewing the filmmakers at our Pinewood Toronto Studio office during TIFF where PINK RIBBONS, INC. made its debut. The film features a number of experts as well as Dr. Samantha King, the author of the book.

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Pink Ribbons, Inc. – An Intimate Conversation with Lea Pool

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An Intimate Conversation with Lea Pool

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