Interview: Stacey McKenzie Int’l Fashion Model, Judge, Actress

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I was excited and a bit overwhelmed to sit down with international fashion celebrity Stacey McKenzie at the Toronto WMCFW Spring/Summer ‘13 show. Stacey immediately made me feel at ease. Her enthusiasm, wisdom and humour quickly made me wish I could just spend the day chilling with her, talking about fashion and hoping her inherent coolness would rub off just a little bit. But how did a little Jamaican girl who dreamed of being an international fashion model make it?

Stacey McKenzie is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique looks, personality, energy, enthusiasm and brains have helped her get to the top in the unforgiving and demanding world of fashion. She is a judge for Canada’s Next Top Model, an international super model, a fashion coach and a film actress among other things. Making it to the top of the international fashion world from her simple roots in Jamaica has required hard work, sacrifice and determination. She came to Midwestern Canada with her family as a young girl. Disappointed after the Toronto fashion market overlooked McKenzie’s unique and distinct look as a teen, she did not give up. New York and Elite Modeling Agency became home to the Jamaican born beauty. Her talent and look got attention and she became a favourite of international designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Todd Oldham. Today despite Stacey’s larger than life status (and stature) she still remains incredibly humble. 

to a young Jamaican girl who dreamt of being a model and an actress and now to be (one)….I’m so in awe” she says in an excited flurry “ don’t let me get teary eyed.” She quickly finishes with a flash of her megawatt smile.

So what about the fashion? The Canadian Collections? Stacey thinks they’re strong; Lucian MatisSoia & KyoJoe Fresh and Evan Biddell stole the show for her. However, when it comes to theCanadian fashion market, McKenzie really believes that Canadian fashion designers need much more support at home.

These (Canadian) designers tend to go overseas to make a name for themselves, but they need to come back home”

McKenzie shows much love and unconditional enthusiasm for the Canadian models. Canadian models have a huge international presence perhaps because like Stacey, their unique beauty comes from their international heritage. Stacey says there are some who are really “dope as hell”.

To see which S/S’13 fashion trends McKenzie loves, models that stole the show and the full backstory see our video interview with Stacey McKenzie! 

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