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Interview with Starchitect Daniel Libeskind – Cities of the Future:

Daniel Libeskind was in Toronto for the topping off of his latest architectural gem the LTower. The LTower soars to 205 metres with a swooping sculptural gesture to the city.  It was a celebration indeed as the 285 million dollar LTower project has resulted in the preservation of The Sony Centre, breathing new life into this cultural centre for the Arts designed by acclaimed Canadian Architect Peter Dickinson. The LTower project sustained many challenges including one of the most significant global economic meltdowns in 2008.

Daniel Libeskind at ROM

The Sony Centre formerly the O’Keefe opened on Oct. 1st 1960, (later the Hummingbird) and hosted many of the world’s renowned entertainers. It faced a dubious future when its main tenants, the Canadian Opera Company and the National Ballet of Canada moved to the newly constructed Four Seasons Centre in 2007. City planners, the community, the developers and engineers came together with unprecedented cooperation to achieve this triumph of vision. The iconic LTower now graces the skyline at Front and Yonge Street, the theatre is revitalized and a vibrant, new public plaza enhances one of the most significant intersections in the City of Toronto.


When Daniel Libeskind speaks about architecture and city building it is easy to be swept up with his enthusiasm. It is truly inspirational to hear the creative genius at work. He refers seamlessly to poetry, intimacy, sustainability and the experience of the individual as his inspirations. He believes in the future of cities with density because people need to live in cities, not in unsustainable, sprawled development. Buildings will soar upwards. Communities will be planned high above the ground.  Life will be different but better. This is where Daniel Libeskind’s design vision and expertise is really on display and what has catapulted him to the top of his field. Currently Libeskind is working on a massive project in Seoul, Korea – the Archipelago 21 master plan for Yongsan, an area just outside the historic city centre. The Yongsan International Business District will become a business hub with 40 million square feet of new development, 66 new buildings with 24 skyscrapers. Libeskind has just completed Reflections at Keppel Bay in Singapore. Keppel Bay sits at the entrance to Singapore’s historic Keppel Harbor with a spectacular view of Mount Faber. It is a 2 million square foot residential development with 6 undulating high-rise towers and 11 villas ranging in height from 6 to 41 stories.

Archipelago 21

Daniel Libeskind hit his stride as an architect at 50 and for more than two decades has been in high demand worldwide. His unique insight, inspiration and creativity in designing museums, residential towers, innovative public spaces and large city precincts is breathtaking. He and his wife Nina Libeskind founded Studio Daniel Libeskind in 1989. The awesome list of projects flowing since then include the Jewish Museum (Berlin), the Denver Art MuseumGrand Canal Theater (Dublin, Ireland), the Imperial War Museum North, (Manchester, England) the ROM’s Michael-Lee Chin Crystal(Toronto, Canada), Danish Jewish Museum (Copenhagen, Denmark), the Wohl Centre and the Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Isreal) and the master plan for the World Trade Centre (New York).

ROM’s Michael-Lee Chin Crystal

In Toronto, with the LTower, Libeskind wanted to create what he believes is essential to any building – something iconic, something that gives the city an identity. His heart and soul are in the plans. It is a sustainable tower not just a tall tower, not just one more extruded box but a building that offers the best possible living conditions.  Libeskind is constantly challenging himself and the team — how does a building feel at ground level? How to include the most sustainable designs and materials? What about public and civic space, impact on the skyline, shadowing of parks, environmental factors?  He emphasizes the importance of the city to plan and provide the amenities, infrastructure and culture that are necessary for people to live in the centre of the city. Starchitect Daniel Libeskind believes Toronto has all this and a very exciting future.

-Moira Romano




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