Best 2013 Moments Stars & Filmmakers

Posted 9 years ago by myetvmedia

Taken from the 70th Venice International Film Festival  and the 32nd Toronto International Film Festival, here are some of the most memorable moments with celebrities, stars and filmmakers. These films and the filmmakers are already in the lineup of nominees for the upcoming award season or probably will be. Engaging and provocative, these filmmakers have all captured something unique which brings us a little closer to their world and their films.

Best 2013 Moments Stars & Filmmakers


Here are our Best 2013 Moments from the world’s top directors and stars including:

Alfonso Cuaron, Sandra Bullock, Terry Gilliam, James Franco, Tom Hardy, Mia Wasikowska, Steve Coogan, Scarlett Johansson, Steven Frears, Nicolas Cage, George Clooney, Dakota Fanning, Scott Haze, Ron Howard, Aiden Gillen, Chris Hemsworth, Abigail Breslin, Denis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paolo Sorrentino, Paulina Garcia, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Tracy Letts, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Jesse Eisenberg, Alex Gibney, James Deen, Melanie Thierry, Emory Cohen, Callan McAuliffe and Judi Dench.

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