Harvest Festival 2012

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Harvest Festival 2012 “Autumn Equinox Arts & Music Celebration”

When we think of describing ‘harvest’ we think of the Webster’s definition but for many people ‘harvest’ is a magical, spiritual experience, a true celebration of the 21st century Autumn equinox. This weekend the annual Harvest Festival, a very special celebration of the Autumn equinox, will be hosted on the magical lands of Midlothian Castle near Burk’s Falls, Ontario, Canada, just 240km north of Toronto and 375km west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Harvest Festival is so much more than a celebration of life, art and music. Harvest is a definition of your life, a time to find yourself, others and enjoy. There is no way to define what has evolved to become one of the most magical places on the planet.

Courtesy of: http://harvestfestival.org/ | Photo: AD Photografe

Harvest Festival is truly a pure outdoor experience. You cannot appreciate the experience unless you go there. Midlothian Castle is the creation and home of artist and sculptor Peter Camani . He has created an amazing residence on an old farm property in the form of a castle with a sculpture garden called “Screaming Heads. The more than 100 “screaming head” sculptures  took Peter more than 30 years to construct. Each one is approximately 20 feet high and weighs as much as 30 tons.

Peter Camani’s works of art already hang in the Vatican and Buckingham Palace but his Midlothian Castle is something very special to him. Camani says he built these permanent otherworldly creations as a warning about environmental degradation. Midlothian Castle and the “Screaming Heads have been featured on CBC, MTV, in the doc “Concrete Ambitions” (1996) and Peter is now making a film “Witch Way.”

Courtesy of: http://harvestfestival.org/

This is the very unique and gorgeous location for Harvest Festival. The last outdoor partying and music gathering before autumn chills and the long winter begin to set in.

The Harvest Festival has also grown again. Last year a massive pyramid stage that hurls fire into the sky from its summit was truly awe inspiring. This year the Harvest “MASTER PLAN” was fast tracked resulting in two new event stages. The first stage is a top-secret techno area that has been dubbed “CRASH”. Even with no clues if the CRASH stage is a building block of the pyramid we can only expect greatness never before realized. The second stage is the “THERMODOME CAFÉ”. A place that caters to its members with warm coffee tea and organic baked goods in a heated, protected environment. So no matter the weather there is always a place to eat and warm up before exploring the rest of the unimaginable programs that Harvest Festival offers.

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Harvest Festival 2012

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Harvest Festival


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