Five films to watch at Toronto After Dark 2014

Posted 9 years ago by myetvmedia

October’s spookiest fright fest is back, and it’s brought along a bevvy of scary movies to give us nightmares. There’s sure to be many winners this year, but for those with a limited schedule, here are the top five flicks to check out.

Open Windows (Monday October 20th, 7pm) READ THE REVIEW HERE!

With The Fappening and The Snappening still fresh in our memories (and our browser histories), this tech-driven thriller about cyber stalking is releasing at the perfect time. Here, Frodo – er, Elijah Wood is manipulated into watching the private life of his favourite celeb, played by adult actress Sasha Grey. Tough gig, right? Open Windows also brings top-notch pedigree: its writer/director, Nacho Vigalondo, created the fiendishly genius, time travel movie Timecrimes. That alone makes this one a must-see.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Saturday October 18th, 9:30pm) READ THE REVIEW HERE!

The first Dead Snow is as perfect as a Nazi Zombie movie can get, so expectations are high for number two. There are a lot of reasons to believe it’ll live up to the hype: the original creative team is back, as is actor Vigar Hoel. Joining him this time out is the amazing and hilarious Martin Starr, who you’ll recognize from every TV show you’ve ever watched. Still, is this a sequel we really needed? I guess we’ll find out.

Predestination (Tuesday October 21st, 7pm) READ THE REVIEW HERE!

Ethan Hawke hasn’t been in a great sci-fi movie since 1997’s Gattaca, so the poor guy’s due. And if its reception at SXSW is any indication, Predestination might finally be his return to top genre form. A little bit ‘Looper’, a little bit ‘Minority Report’, Hawke plays a time-travelling cop who catches criminals before they do the crime. It sounds like well-trodden ground, but Predestination looks as though it brings a style all to itself, which is reason enough to get excited.

Housebound (Thursday October 16th, 7pm) READ THE REVIEW HERE!

Ever since the first Paranormal Activity, I’ve had an unhealthy fear of my house. I seriously hope ‘Housebound’ doesn’t put me in a mental hospital. There’s no found footage here; instead, we get a troubled young woman who’s sentenced to home detention in the worst house imaginable. But all the spooky, creepy sounds are still here, along with something much more sinister. Lord help me.

The Babadook (Friday October 24th, 9:30pm) READ THE REVIEW HERE!

Anyone who grew up with the original Brothers Grimm tales knows how Disney-fied our children’s stories have gotten. The Babadook is a reminder that the best bedtime tales should make us terrified – and maybe make us pee a little. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much about the eponymous Babadook, but in this case, I’m guessing the less we know, the better.

For full Toronto After Dark Film Festival Schedule and tickets see:

Nimy Leshinski

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