Assassin’s Creed III Launch Party & Interview

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Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

In this Assassin’s Creed III as Connor you can destroy your opponents using any means necessary. Connor’s predatory instincts allow him to stalk his enemies and devastate them with all new weapons including tomahawks, rope darts, firearms, bow and arrows, battleaxes. A whole new combat system delivers more intense, gut-wrenching battles than ever before.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Multiplayer get a deeper look into the unique locales, characters, abilities, perks and modes, ranging from classic approaches such as Deathmatch to co-op and team-based modes like Wolf Pack and Domination that make this the most compelling online experience for the series.

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Connor takes command of a naval warship guiding it through tumultuous waters and enemy ships during the Boston Tea Party. You can relive “the Boston Tea Party” dropping right into the key historical event in 1773 that started the revolution and the birth of a nation. The British Empire had gone to far. The American colonials sick of the onerous laws and taxes had had enough. The Boston Tea Party was a desperate act of solidarity that would change history.

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Assassin’s Creed III Launch Party & Interview

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