Via Castellana Bandiera Review

Posted 9 years ago by myetvmedia

This particular premiere screening at the Venice Film Festival did not provide subtitles for the lyrics in two very poignant songs. The Producers should rectify this for the benefit of their international audiences. Performances from Renato Malfatti as Samira’s son-in-law, Dario Casarolo as his son and Alba Rohrwacher as Rosa’s lover are spot-on, authentic. But it is Elena Cotta and Emma Dante’s exchanges, mostly silent that deliver. Under Dante’s direction (she has Pasolini’s truth and De Sica’s eye), the film is no surprise to those familiar with her work. Engaging, powerful and important, this film deserves a wide audience. Via Castellana Bandiera is definitely worthy of Oscar consideration next spring in the Academy Awards Foreign Film category.

Alfredo Romano

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Via Castellana Bandiera Review

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