SHAME: Winner Best Actor Exclusive Interview Michael Fassbender

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Shame – Winner Best Actor Venice International Film Festival, Official Selection Telluride, TIFF, NYFF, and London International Film Festivals. Extraordinary performances by Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan under the direction of award winning director Steve McQueen. Screenwriter Abi Morgan does an astounding job with  the script for this movie that is so real and riveting. This movie is a definite contender for an Oscar although due to the graphic nature of the content it may be passed over by a sensitive Academy Awards committee. R rating or not expect this movie to go on to win multiple awards.

Nothing can prepare you for this searing, deeply touching, sexually explicit journey into the troubled soul of Brandon (Fassbender) the protagonist of this movie. Starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan (Sissy) directed by Steve McQueen and written by Abi Morgan, Shame takes us on deeply human journey that is highly enlightening so much so that it may offend and it may hurt.Steve McQueen has masterfully and sensitively pulled back the veneer of this modern man, so enviable on the surface, so tortured within. McQueen has taken a brave, unflinchingly powerful look at the multiplicity of the human character. Asking difficult questions that have complicated answers. Probing the depths of relationships at a highly intimate, deeply personal level. Ultimately Shame is a story about love.

New York City provides the perfect location for this movie. All the freedoms and prisons of the soul are there for the taking. We begin in the dark knowing nothing about this naked man looking up at us out of the screen, and then our senses are gradually heightened. We move into his world and quickly spiral into its complexities.

Official Trailer

Michael Fassbender on Shame and Sex Scenes

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