Mao’s Last Dancer

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China, Shandong Province mid 1960’s, a young peasant boy is selected for his potential to become a great dancer for Mao’s China. Removed from his family and village he enters a rigorous, highly disciplined life of dance at Madam Mao’s Ballet Academy in Beijing. Li Cunxin lived this story and from the moment the movie opens we are instantly captivated. It is a remarkable portrayal of the ability of the human spirit to soar to heights only imagined and willed by love, human courage and determination.

Bruce Beresford is an experienced director who has already brought “Driving Miss Daisy”, “Black Robe”, “ Breaker Morant” and other exceptional stories to the screen. This story spans two continents, crosses complex political chasms and ideologies following the journey of this incredibly gifted boy. The dance sequences featured are breathtaking. Stevenson (Bruce Greenwood) is the artistic director of the Houston Ballet who was instrumental in bringing Li (Chi Cao) to North America. Li finds his communist beliefs at complete variance to the reality of life in a democratic country. Li makes the difficult decision to defect with shattering personal consequences.

Laugh, cry and celebrate, this is a movie that deserves serious attention come oscar time.


Moira Romano

mao’s last dancer

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