The Great Gatsby: Fashion and Film

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Hat, hairstyles and grooming took on a special significance. Hair was cut and styled. Bobs, waves and spit curls were all the rage adorned with headbands, diamonds, pearls. Men might wear their hair with a centre part, well groomed and a clean-shaven look. Hats were an essential statement for everyone that defined their station and political attitudes. The fedora, felt for winter, straw for summer, The Borsalino, the grey felt hat, bowler hats, top hats with a silk band, derbies for the races and the cap – the Windsor cap, the beret, herringbone hunting caps, stiff blue gabardine caps for sports and yachting, leather flying helmets. Hats made to order for men and women became a symbol of opulence. Clothing distinguished the character both in the movies and in real life.

Moira Romano

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Deepa Gurnani Headband
Deepa Gurnani Double Strand Crystal Headband
Lulu Frost Sunburst Stud Earrings
Brian Atwood Moulrie Fringe Studded Suede Sandal
Miu Miu Crystal and Pearl Choker
Lydell NYC Broach Necklace
Haute Hippie Floral beaded tank
Haute Hippie Sequin short
Alice by Temperly Nijinsky Printed Silk Maxi Skirt
Kzeniya Dream Engraved Perspex Leather Bag,
Rachel Zoe Deco Cuff

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The Great Gatsby: Fashion and Film

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  • The Great Gatsby Fashion & Film
  • The Great Gatsby Fashion & Film
  • The Great Gatsby Fashion & Film
  • The Great Gatsby Fashion & Film

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