Winter’s Bone

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Winter’s Bone, a low budget, independent film has been capturing attention since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the jury prize for best dramatic film.  It has since garnered critical acclaim along with multiple award nominations and has transformed its star, Jennifer Lawrence, from virtual obscurity to Hollywood It Girl. Winter’s Bone has now become the movie that places Jennifer Lawrence among the elite of the film world with a coveted Best Actress nomination from the Academy Awards. Lawrence confesses that it was not an easy movie to make.

Winter’s Bone is the intimate, dark tale of 17 year-old Ree  (Jennifer Lawrence), wise beyond her years, who struggles to feed and care for her mentally ill mother and two younger siblings in the backwoods of Missouri.  When Ree’s jailbird father jumps bond on his latest meth charge, she is faced with the loss of her home and disintegration of her family.  She sets out to track him down only to find herself facing far more dangerous obstacles.

Winter’s Bone is a slow burn thriller with a quiet suspense and underlying dread that builds as the story unfolds.  It boasts excellent performances from Lawrence and the exceptional John Hawkes, whose face you will probably recognize but whose name you most likely don’t know.  His melancholy and smouldering performance is as poignant and beautiful as the film itself and stands amongst some of the finest acting work of the year.  The film is further strengthened by a cast of largely unknown supporting actors whose character portrayals ring true and are utterly convincing.

Winter’s Bone is a dark and tension filled film that also manages to be an achingly beautiful and exceptionally touching treatise on the powerful love and unspoken bonds of family.  It is captivating from beginning to end and resonates long after the credits have rolled.  It is truly one of the best films of 2010 and deserving of its Oscar attention.

This is a highly rewarding, nail biting thriller not to be missed.

Galadriel Barrett-Laffan

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Winter's Bone

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