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Duke Nukem Forever over ten years in the making is now available on store shelves for the xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Critics have flamed the game and it has earned the monicker of “worst most offensive piece of shit ever”, what does this mean? it means you should probably play it.



Duke Nukem 3D is one of my favorite games, people remember it as a classic for its crass foul mouthed humor and old school paper cutout shooting. What everyone (and I do mean the critics who have never completed the game and lead their readers to believe they have) seem to forget is how astoundingly ahead of its time Duke 3d really was. Duke 3d was a pioneer, when games like quake were touting exploding polygons (and some level design straight out of 1993′s Doom) Duke had scripting, complex puzzles, some truly unique weapons, abstract game play (shrinking down to action figure size, using the jet pack) real voice acting and more game play than any of its competitors. Duke 3d is far from the mindless shooter everyone makes it out to be, half life is an amazing game and has defined an entire generation of shooters but Duke did it two years earlier sans the fancy polygons. Duke is an offensive, misogynist douche and we love him for it, anyone who claims duke is too taboo because it does not include a satirical quality needs to go back to grade ten English and read some Jonathan Swift (see “a modest proposal”), Duke is the very definition of satire. The team at 3d realms spent over ten years with Duke Nukem Forever and many people expected it to be the greatest game ever, after so many struggles and so long a development cycle no video game could live up to that initial promise (lets all keep our fingers crossed for the Last Guardian). Duke Nukem Forever has been blasted by nearly every critic as a crap dinosaur of a game, it is a dinosaur but its a damn good one and im going to do my best to describe why I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever as much as I did despite being a little let down as it did fail to live up to the impossibly high bar held by Duke 3D.

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Duke Nukem Forever

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Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Duke Nukem Forever

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