99 Homes Review

Posted 8 years ago by myetvmedia

The film does not however capture and perhaps even blurs the responsibility of the victims in their own troubling circumstance — Carver rails on about how they’ve put themselves at risk by over-extending, and while he is correct that he is only a player in the larger system, we too quickly dismiss this as self serving. We live in an over-leveraged world where more is the prime objective, so while the 99 may work reciprocally with the 1 to complete the picture, we cannot avoid the overarching reality of a lost job that was no longer sustainable. There will always be someone there to pick up the pieces and profit by it.

Bahrani’s superb delivery has benefitted from great casting, particularly with Shannon as Carver and Andrew Garfield as Nash. Garfield shows some real range and acting chops here in a career that has so far been defined by swinging from tall building to tall building with the help of spider goop.

Quickly becoming the exception in filmmaking, particularly in Hollywood where effects are trumping story and character, Bahrani’s ’99 Homes’ asks more questions than it answers; where the art form is paramount, one that can only be serviced and successfully produced with deep commitment and honest reflection.

99 Homes premiered at the Venice International Film Festival (Venezia71) and goes on to Toronto for TIFF14.

Alfredo Romano

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99 Homes Review

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