Top 5 Indie Video Games 2013

Posted 7 years ago by myetvmedia

Big Budget games are great. They push things forward. Games like GTA V and The Last of Us have set new standards for graphics, cinematic presentation, and overall scope for a video game. With that being said, it’s nice to know that there is a growing market for the indie game developer. With thriving distribution platforms like Steam, PlayStation & Xbox Stores, and mobile app stores, solo or small team developers are releasing fantastic games across all platforms. The games featured on this list are indie games that are expanding and exploring the definition of what a video game is.

Hotline Miami

Developer: Dennaton Games
PS3, PS Vita, PC

A high-intensity, uber violent action game with popping bright colours and a sweet soundtrack. Set in late-80’s Miami, you travel to different settings of the dangerous underworld to murder shady mobsters. The gameplay is fast and difficult and each level becomes a puzzle to find the best way to overcome the enemies. The music and visuals keep the game fresh and keep you coming back for more.

An interesting exploration of violence in videogames and as you progress you’ll question why your character is prone to such murderous exhibitions.



Developer: DrinkBox Studios
PS3, PS Vita, PC

From Toronto-based indie developer DrinkBox Studios, Guacamelee! is a classic action-platformer set in a Mexican inspired world. The vibrant characters and settings come from Mexican culture and folklore. The gameplay melds combat with platforming in a unique way and many of the character mechanics are necessary for both.

A beautiful game that is predominantly and most importantly fun. Olé!


The Stanley Parable

Developer: Galactic Cafe

A first person exploration game that takes video game conventions and uses them to turn video game conventions on their head. A Narrator (brilliantly voice acted by Kevan Brighting) guides Stanley through the office setting not unlike Will Ferrell’s character in “Stranger than fiction”.

The game is shaped by what you chose to ‘do’ or ‘not do’ and the resulting consequences range from confusing, to funny, to just plain cool. This game is a tough one to describe without ruining it. Pick up the free demo on Steam and buy it if you enjoy it.



Developer: Matt Thorson

An addictive 4-player stadium battle game in the Super Smash Bros mold. Each player is equipped with a bow and must eliminate the other players with quick reflexes. The Level designs cleverly allow for creative battle strategies as players use the different heights to create advantageous angles on their oppenents.

This gem is the best experience available to date on the kickstarter powered home console The Ouya. However if you don’t want to shell out for an Ouya, Towerfall is headed to PS4 and PC in early 2014


Papers Please

Developer: Lucas Pope

You take the roll as an immigration inspector for the communist state of Arstotzka. It is up to you to inspect documents, question individuals, and ultimately decide who will enter, be turned away, or be arrested. The simple system is brilliantly implemented and you will find yourself pouring over passports looking for inaccuracies and questioning your every decision. Terrorists will get through and you will kick yourself but each mistake only makes you more prudent in the future.

A very unique game that takes a seemingly mundane job and makes you want to keep doing it again and again.

Marshall Jeske

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