Top 5 Bond Henchmen

Posted 10 years ago by myetvmedia

Good versus evil; few movies have had an impact quite like the James Bond, 007′s legacy in this department. The legacy is unwavering. The universe loves symmetry and always finds a way to pit hero against villain as a way to even things out. For every great James Bond mission, there has been an impressive villain. And just as James Bond has M and Q and his devoted team so do the villains. The henchmen in the Bond series are extremely clever characters, with a particular psychological blueprint and flair that lends a tremendous amount to the story as they go to exceptional lengths to stop Her Majesty’s top agent from saving the day. It was tough to choose just 5 top James Bond Henchmen because many show such impressive audacity, devotion to their masters and capability for evil.

Courtesy of: Eon Productions

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Top 5 Bond Henchmen

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