Splinter Cell Blacklist: Ubisoft Launch Party

Posted 9 years ago by myetvmedia

Ubisoft knows how to throw a party. The launch party for Splinter Cell Blacklist was on Friday, August 16 at Ubisoft Toronto’s studio. Ubisoft Toronto had a lot to celebrate as Blacklist isn’t just any game for the studio; it is the first game to be released from the world famous developer since the studio opened its doors in 2009. The party had all the fixings from tacos to open bars, it even had its own secret beverage called The Blacklist. The guests were each given a set of dog tags with the games logo on the front and a slide out USB inside the tags.

The party was packed despite being segregated into three separate rooms and an upper floor VIP only section. The first room (and my personal favourite) had gaming stations set up and running the highly anticipated Spies vs. Mercs in both classic and Blacklist versions. The second room had the bigger bar, the louder music and access to the upper VIP section. Both PR Manager Jeyson Acevedo and Managing Director Jade Raymond took to the stage to thank the hard working developers. The final room was outdoors and had a cosplayer dressed as Sam Fisher, whom fans could take pictures with or just step out into the cool air.

Many notable guests were at the party, including a handful of indie developers, representatives from Xbox Canada, Ubisoft Montreal developers (they created the multiplayer aspect of Blacklist), Creative Director Maxime Beland and Eric Johnson, the man behind the performance capture for the new Sam Fisher.

Blacklist of course was the star of the party and it delivered on all fronts. The gameplay was smooth and intense. Even in a packed room with music and distractions, players were so immersed frequently players would start yelling across the room to one another. The best moment of the night had to be when, after I had been constantly winning matches, I was humbled (and destroyed) by the Spies vs. Mercs development team.

Hammad Fasih

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