Insurgency 2 Early Look

Posted 5 years ago by myetvmedia

Insurgency 2, an early look at this anticipated First Person Shooter for the PC.

Insurgency 2 is the latest in the modern First Person Shooter genre. Its weapons, visuals and setting don’t do much to set itself apart from the unending avalanche of shooter releases this year, but its old school PC feel and slow paced combat provide for a fresh experience. Insurgency 2 is part of the Steam early access program, meaning the alpha can be played right now for a measly 20 dollars. If you’re at all interested in Insurgency 2 check out our 2 part impressions video and look forward to more early access videos from

Max Romano

Insurgency 2 Early Look - Part 1

Insurgency 2 Early Look - Part 2

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